My name is Jess. 


I am an over-documenter.

I take photos of everything.

Every sunset, every soccer game, every get-together. 

My six year old is so accustomed to my camera in her face that she once paused before taking the first bite of her ice cream cone and asked if I want to take a picture of it first.

 (I did, of course) 


I remember the moment I knew I wanted to pursue photography professionally. I was scrolling through social media when I realized how many of my friends' profile pictures I'd taken. I remember feeling so humbled, as well as the smile that broke out on my face, and I thought to myself, 

I want to do this!

Since that moment, my passion for photography has organically developed into a career that I love. Being given the opportunity to take photos for people that they love is one of my greatest joys.

I aim to capture families in a way that is familiar and natural. Traditional portrait poses are timeless, but it's the in-between moments I strive to capture: the laughs, the silliness, and the true to life interactions between each other. I want to deliver photos that will make you smile as you look through them for the first time & still again 10 years later. 

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